Mystery Design Box

Are you ready to think outside
(or inside) the box?

Think Master Chef Mystery Box, Design Edition! We will send you your mystery ingredients before the workshop. You will have 90 minutes to create something and share with the judges at the end (don't worry we won’t be mean like Gordon Ramsay).*

*this is not a real competition (just so we are on the same page hahaha)

What will be included in the box:
  • Idiom
  • Colour scheme
  • Canvas size
  • Mockup
  • And a secret ingredient ???
What you need:
  • Experience in graphic design or illustration
  • Access to graphic design or illustration software
It’s social, BYOB and snacks :)
This is also a great opportunity to connect and chat with other designers. Bring your questions!

Mystery Box Results
  • Ottawa Design Club
    Taylor Sargent

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Farah Aqrabawi

  • Ottawa Design Club

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Jafar Salemi

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Shawn Choi

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Joline Lavoie

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Nathalie Davis

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Marianne Sincennes

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Ariane Bedard

  • Ottawa Design Club
    Isabelle Poirier