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Isabelle Poirier
@arty_izzy / @design_ip
Isabelle (Izzy) Poirier

Isabelle (Izzy) is an Ottawa-based design entrepreneur who has founded not one but two creative platforms: IP Design and Ottawa Design Club.

By day, Izzy works as a brand designer for her studio IP Design. Focused on building immersive experiences she is known for her creative conceptual solutions. She is also one of the few Level C Certified Brand Architect in the world. You can also find Izzy on Adobe Live, either hosting or sharing creative projects.

By night, she gives back to the creative community through the Ottawa Design Club. Her mission is to facilitate outreach opportunities that would catapult Ottawa’s status as a creative city.

Get in touch: hello@ottdesign.club

Ariane Bedard
@aribed / @theshycreative
Ariane Bédard

Ariane is a senior graphic designer and art director with over 12 years of experience in the industry.

By day, she works as Manager of Graphic Design for Canada Post. There, she works with an amazing team of designers on creative projects seen by Canadians from coast to coast.

The idea of being part of an inclusive community of like-minded creatives is what pushed Ariane to join the team and create the Ottawa Design Club. Incredibly passionate about design, she loves being able to inspire the local design community through the club’s many ambitious projects.

Get in touch: hello@ottdesign.club

Ken Kongkatong
Anastasiia Lazarchuk

Anastasiia recently moved to Ottawa and working as a graphic designer and printing specialist at a local company Katari Imaging. Before that, she had diverse experiences in event planning, social media marketing, and photography. Her search for new development and networking opportunities led her to a place full of creative freedom - Ottawa Design Club.

She joined ODC to assist with event organization and the implementation of all the craziest ideas in real life.

Ken Kongkatong
Ken Kongkatong

Ken began his design journey by pursuing graduate studies in UXD at the University of Toronto. During this period, he became drawn to the field for its sense of community and emphasis on human-centred design. This led him to join DesignX and UXRC as one of their earliest volunteer members.

Now living and working in Ottawa as a digital product designer, he joined the Ottawa Design Club to meet and learn from creatives in the city that are in Design and beyond.

Princess Rada
Princess Rada

Princess is a web designer and developer leading her own firm, Pink Robot in Ottawa. She is passionate about every stage of the creative and technical process of building websites, software products, and applications.

She embraces a user-centric approach to solving design problems and enjoys leveraging technology to captivate audiences and drive awareness and conversions.

Being able to connect with like-minded creatives to bring the community together through the Ottawa Design Club is something Princess will cherish and looks forward to collaborating on creative and innovative ideas.

Firdous Nizar
Kyla Reda

Kyla spends her days working in account optimization and value generation for integrative medicine practitioners at Fullscript. Yet, as a lifelong reader and former English Literature student, she has an insatiable passion for the arts – and that’s where the Ottawa Design Club comes in. Volunteering as a writer and editor for the Design Club feeds her creative soul and has welcomed her into a new community where she continues to learn and surround herself with people who inspire her.

Ignacio Osorio
Ignacio Osorio

Ignacio Osorio is an Art Director and Motion Designer known for crafting memorable and high quality visuals. He has received multiple awards for his work including two News & Documentary Emmys for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.

Ignacio started his career as a Graphic Designer in Mexico City. After moving to London, England in 2016, he became Head of Motion Graphics for CNN International. Today, Ignacio is based in Ottawa and works as 2D Lead for New York based motion studio ODD.


Copywriter by day, proposal designer by night, and amateur underwear mogul where time permits. This is Wes.

After studying marketing in Toronto, Wes quickly set off on a career driven by a seemingly bottomless sense of curiosity. From ad agencies and animation studios to engineering firms and private tutors, Wes' CV is as much a summary of his professional experience as it is a reflection of his passion for exploration.

Now living in Ottawa, Wes works as a Copywriter full-time. In his spare time, he focuses his energy on photography and building his men's underwear empire.

Cansu Nur Ozturk
Cansu Nur Ozturk

Cansu is a passionate design enthusiast with a degree in Psychology and Communications from York University. By day, she navigates the dynamic world of content and design projects as a Senior Project Coordinator at a marketing agency. Beyond her professional endeavours, she's explored various creative avenues, from makeup artistry to photography and even running her own jewelry business!

"The Ottawa Design Club has become a haven for me since my move from Toronto, offering a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and endless opportunities to immerse myself in the world of design. I'm excited to continue my journey with the club and further cultivate my passion for creativity.

Aldana Arevalo
Aldana Arevalo

Aldana is an interactive media designer who moved to Ottawa to continue her path in Multimedia Art. Now, she focuses on web design, UX/UI, and graphic design. She's also actively working on an Accessibility Agency design project, which allows her to integrate accessibility best practices, creating designs that everyone can enjoy.

Aldana's passion goes beyond design, it's about forging connections and creating memorable experiences! She enjoys planning and organizing unique events that are truly special to people.

Always willing to learn and collaborate, she found inspiring minds at the Ottawa Design Club to connect with and create new worlds and experiences.

Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez

Camila is an industrial designer with over 5 years of experience and also a recent graduate of the Interactive Media Design program at Algonquin College. She found the ODC to be the perfect reason to dive into the Ottawa creative scene and design industry. She is interested in exploring the connection between creativity and community, and applying her passion for elevating the human experience through the beauty of art and design.

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