Crossover Edition
Lettre Ouvertes - Description FR

The three Design Clubs are joining forces to present to you Open Letters / Lettres ouvertes.

From Canada to France, we are offering you a unique virtual conference and a bilingual gathering (EN/FR).

From paper to lettering and typography, our three speakers will be sharing their inspirations, their process and their journeys as creatives.

The event is free, don’t miss it!


Sophie P-Voyer - Atelier Retailles (Montreal)
Creative Paper Workshop

Romain Oudin (Marseille)

Pascale Arpin (Ottawa)
Artist and sign painter

December 17, 2020
12:30 p.m. EST / 6:30 p.m. CET
Zoom - Upcoming link

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Ottawa Design Club
Sophie P-Voyer
Atelier Retailles (MTL)

Sophie P-Voyer is the founding artist behind Montreal’s papermaking studio Atelier Retailles, established in 2018. Sophie discovered papermaking during her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2016. She continued exploring ways to incorporate handmade paper into contemporary practices ever since. At Atelier Retailles, she teaches workshops, accompanies artists working with paper and provides expertise for projects including the transformation of various materials into paper pulp. At the core of her mission, the use of fabric scraps coming from the local slow fashion industry is crucial for ecological reasons. For her, extending the life cycle of found materials and reflecting on the properties of paper in our work as artists is essential.

Ottawa Design Club
Romain Oudin (MRS)

Graphic designer since 2008, I have specialized in the creation of posters, editorial supports and visual identities. I mainly work for clients in the cultural and institutional sector. In parallel, I also design fonts, and co-founded the digital foundry Lift Type a few years ago.

Ottawa Design Club
Pascale Arpin (OTT)

Pascale Arpin is an accomplished self-taught artist and freelance creative in Ottawa. With a rich background in the arts across many domains and disciplines — from painting and illustration, to film and television props and sets, to graphic design — Arpin is now focused on custom sign painting and hand lettering.

Watch Them Again

Sophie P-Voyer- English

Romain Oudin - Français

Pascale Arpin - English

My journey as a creative can be summed up as always staying open to new paths, but knowing when it's time to change direction.
Pascale Arpin