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The Design Club is a network of communities created by designers, for everything design. Find us in Ottawa, Marseille, New York and online! Welcome to the club!

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Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club

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Momentum explores how to keep your creative engines running smoothly while staying open to the shifts that can take your work to the next level. It’s not just about moving forward, it’s about moving forward with purpose and knowing when a detour might actually be your best next step. Join Alexandra Finkeldey, Florencia Alba, and Izzy Poirier as they explore what it means to have creative momentum.

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Inspiration, Innovation, and Collaboration: Inside the Ottawa Design Club's Creative Journey - By Amodini Allu at Nosy Mag

With an aim to walk down memory lane with the founders of ODC, I asked Ariane and Izzy about their memories of the early days, and they shared their inspiring journey of how ODC was put into action.

Let’s think, ponder and get inspired…

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Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club

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Building Bridges

In a world that loves to categorize itself into distinctly labelled boxes, our mission is to build bridges that encourage connection, exploration, and innovation.

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Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club


Renaissance - Zine 006

Renaissance celebrates the concepts of rebirth and renewal through art. Both painfully honest and heartwarmingly uplifting, it expresses the truth of a rebirth experience, from the struggles of releasing what was, to the eventual embracing of what is now.

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Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club
Ottawa Design Club
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